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Welcome to Emptybot

Emptybot is a visionary NFT project from the future, fostering the promotion and marketing of futuristic technology derivatives like WEB3.0 and AI projects. It acts as a bridge between various ventures, enhancing their value through the concept of 'functional collectibles'.


Revolutionizing the Future

Emptybot is a creation from the future sent back to this timeline to bring "value" to humanity and to use "time" as its way back. 

Neha Nakamoto (中本 爱) & her Husband Mr Vitalik (an Emptybot) wish Emptybot collects data to spread “human values” to the shattered timeline of value during its journey through time from now to future.


Journey of EMPTYBOT


Emptybot will be founded

Emptybot will appear in a far-off future, quickly becoming an integral part of human life and something that people heavily depend on. For the people of that future era, Emptybot's presence will be like an essential breath, inseparable from their existence.


From the era beyond

In 2023, AI technology became widely accessible to the public. To mark this milestone, the date October 10th was chosen, symbolizing the binary code used in computer programming. Emptybot was introduced as NFTs and made available for trading on the NFTs marketplace.


News & Updates

Emptybot in the Press

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