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"Message" from the future

Creation from future

EmptyBot, an extraordinary product of advanced AI technology, arises as a remarkable entity meant to replace or aid humanity in all aspects of life, including work, leisure, healthcare, education, and even companionship. What sets EmptyBot apart is its unique function that able to create and incorporate any desired "demand or content" from scratch, effortlessly fulfilling its mission.


an era under threat

As humans rely on advanced AI, their lives may appear enhanced, but paradoxically, they face challenges. When individuals question the "purpose of existence," their sense of fulfillment gradually fades. The core "values" that define humanity are slowly eroding as advanced AI takes over various aspects of their lives.

answer of time travel

In the future timeline, a portion of individuals who possess a deep interest and enthusiasm for the "truths of history and civilization" are currently conquering the realm of "temporal transference of organic life." This research places priority on achieving "spatiotemporal communion." The team has successfully established transcendent communication with the distant future, and the conclusion regarding "time travel" is negated. The research team has concluded that humanity should prioritize the evolution of "multidimensional space (multiverse) and dimensions" before achieving "time travel." At that juncture, humanity will no longer hold history and civilization in high regard.


a message from the era beyond

Within the realm of spatiotemporal travel research, a remarkable couple emerged: Neha Nakamoto (a woman of Indian heritage and Japanese nationality) and her husband Vitalik (an Emptybot). After attaining knowledge of the profound "answer," they embarked on their final endeavor prior to the cessation of spatiotemporal travel research. Through the utilization of a "spatiotemporal communicator," they conducted their last operation, as present-day technology has yet to bridge the gap of communication with the future. Neha Nakamoto transmitted the conceptual essence of EmptyBot to the year 2023, marking the inception of the WEB 3.0 AI technology era.

message for the future.

Neha Nakamoto hopes to instill 'value' in EmptyBot during the early stages of Web 3.0, before human scientific and technological advancements have reached a point where advanced AI dominates human life and civilization. Using 'time' as a means of communication, she aims to transmit 'values' to the future. She envisions the possibility of creating a new timeline, where humanity can enter a better parallel dimension.

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