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Purpose = Value 

EMPTYBOT will be used as the main collectible asset throughout activities, promotions, and marketing.

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Emptybot serves as a mediator for a customized membership system, offering unique advantages and privileges to its holders. Owning Emptybot brings attention, respect, and a greater sense of value and satisfaction to the holders. Additionally, it enables the project organizers to gain support from the entire community. 


Premium pass

Using Emptybot as a special access pass, it provides holders with unique advantages and convenient privileges. Holders can enjoy special treatments such as priority access or entry qualifications, along with personalized services for a unique experience.



Any event organizer can involve Emptybot as a special condition for participation, offering holders the chance to receive rewards, such as giveaways, discounts, or unique experiences, it enhances the value and benefits for participants. This boosts community engagement and satisfaction.

EMPTYBOT's Ranking

​Emptybot priorities "benefits for the pioneers," ensuring that early collectors receive the greatest advantages. Emptybot has a total of 10,100 units of NFTs. The pricing of these NFTs will increase by 0.0006 ETH for each successive unit, commencing from the initial floor price.






Unlimited Functions

One of its functions includes collaborations with third parties, where they will have the final say on how it operates, including rules, activities, and partnerships.

Market Value

The more Emptybot’s community grows, the more valuable it will become as a collectible. 


As Emptybot gets the recognition from WEB 3.0 companies, they can independently determine how they want to collaborate with EMPTYBOT. This collaboration is completely decentralized, without the need for intermediaries or formal agreements with other parties.

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Unlimited Fuctions
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For project owners,

The most effective marketing strategy would be to use large community as brand promotion. Directly targeting EMPTYBOT holders as the primary customer base would be the ideal way to promote the project.


As more project owners recognize and participate in this approach, EMPTYBOT will serve as a bridge between brand users and customers. This will lead to the growing maturity of EMPTYBOT holders.

For Emptybot holders,

Besides being collectible, EMPTYBOT holds additional benefits as the number of collaborations increases. Holders can enjoy more benefits from various projects, leading to a continuous increase in the individual value of EMPTYBOT.


EMPTYBOT will be a NFT with potential to enhance value from multiple aspects.

Market Value
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